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1.        What is the principle of supercritical fluid extraction separation process:

(1)    Supercritical fluid is in contact with the material to be separated, so that the material to be separated is fully dissolved in the supercritical fluid.

(2)    Control conditions get the best proportion of the mixed components, and then with the help of heating up method, the supercritical fluid is changed into ordinary gas, and the extracted substances are completely or basically precipitated, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and purification.

Therefore, the supercritical fluid extraction process is a combination of extraction and separation.


2.        Compared with solvent extraction, supercritical fluid extraction has the following outstanding advantages:

(1)    we can be close to room temperature (35_40 ~ C) were extracted, and effectively prevent the oxidation and dissipation of heat sensitive material.

(2)     Extraction and separation combination is one, the process is simple and easy to master, the extraction efficiency is high and the energy consumption is less, and the cost is saved.

(3)     CO2 is cheap, high purity, easy to obtain, and can be recycled.


3.        What shipping methods do we offer?

In order to ensure safe shipping of our goods, we package the machines within a wooden box. Generally, we use Sea transportation for shipping.


4.        I am an importer, can you supply the OEM service?

Yes, we can, please send me the details and we will assist you to place an order.

5.        Can I visit your factory?

Yes, sure. Please tell us your arrival location and time. For our location, please refer to our "contact us" page.