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Absolutely original extraction technology - supercritical CO2 extraction technology

When you are shopping for essential oilsthat are known for their various functions or health foods that want to buyChinese herbal extracts, have you thought about how these "specialingredients" were extracted? In the early days, of course, it was a pressand a press. Later, the technology progressed to using high-temperature steam(but not fat-soluble), or organic solvents were used to extract these specialingredients (because most of them are not soluble in water). Organicmolecules). Now there is a "supercritical CO2" extraction technologythat avoids the safety concerns of high temperature damage to these nutrientsor organic solvent residues.


Let's talk about supercritical fluidsfirst! It is neither a liquid nor a gas. At temperatures and pressures abovethe critical point, the boundary between the liquid phase and the gas phasedisappears, as shown below. The line near the critical point is very vertical,which means that we can change the density and change the solubility of somesubstances by slightly adjusting the pressure and temperature. When the CO2 isremoved, the CO2 will become gas. Leave and then collect it and turn it into aliquid phase to reuse it.


Therefore, supercritical CO2 can extractfat-soluble nutrients at a temperature of thirty degrees, especially thesupercritical fluid has a low surface tension and can penetrate into thenanopores without picking up the slits like a very thick toothpick. The vegetabledregs are not extracted. Supercritical CO2 has high fluidity and strongextraction force. It is controlled by pressure and temperature to separatedifferent components under different conditions. Agricultural raw materials canbe processed, such as burdock, sesame oil, ginseng, peach seeds, ginger and soon.


In addition to providing general solidsupercritical CO2 extraction, we also provide liquid supercritical CO2extraction, which can be developed into more products such as health foods,essential oils, microcapsules and so on. As for some water-soluble components,such as polyphenols, they are then extracted with high-temperature steam.


Wecan assist in the development of processes, help detect and analyze rawmaterial components, and assist SMEs to develop high-value products. We notonly help SMEs overcome technical barriers, but also form upstream anddownstream manufacturers - raw materials, manufacturing, pharmaceuticalcompanies, marketing - to form a cooperative community. Screening suitable rawmaterials from raw materials finding economic value customizing extraction trial production development marketing. Previously importedequipment from abroad, it may be necessary to buy a full set of expensive, canbe designed according to time, budget, quality, and optimize the process, andthe intermediate factory test production, assist in the purchase of equipmentand construction of the plant, to achieve Systematization and localization.