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Advantages of supercritical CO2 extraction of ginger

Traditional Chinese medicine uses gingerto remove moisture and cold. Ginger essential oil helps to dissipate bloodstasis and treat wounds; conditioning oily skin, and the use of pale skin isalso effective. Aphrodisiac, flatulence, especially help to improve the body'smoisture, such as the catch of colds, phlegm and runny nose. Resolve phlegm,fever, diarrhea, and warm the body.

Ginger is a hot seasoning that we arefamiliar with. It is native to Asia and is one of the earliest flavors of theEast to the West, including India, China, Japan, Malancia, Queensland, Florida,India and China. It has the most pharmacological properties and is widely usedin cooking and recipes. Traditional Chinese medicine uses ginger to removemoisture and cold.


Ginger essential oil extraction method

Traditional method

It is extracted from ginger, and themethods of ginger oil products mainly include steam distillation and solventextraction. Steam distillation is to use Dalton's law of partial pressure tosmash fresh ginger or dried ginger before steaming and then pass water vaporunder normal pressure or pressure to distill the ginger oil below its boilingpoint. This method mainly obtains the volatile oil of ginger, and some phenolicderivatives such as gingerol are difficult to be distilled with water vapor dueto their unique molecular structure. Therefore, steam distillation can only extractpart of ginger. Flavor substances, and the high temperature of the distillationprocess, will cause harmful changes in the composition, odor and flavor ofginger oil; the chemical formation of ginger oil obtained by solvent extractionhas a lot to do with the solvent chosen, but the solvent method is easy. It iscontaminated by residual solvents and will precipitate discoloration, and itsuse is limited.

In summary, the ginger oil productsproduced by the traditional ginger processing methods have obvious defects:

First, the limitations of the processingmethod itself make it difficult to achieve color, fragrance and taste;

Second, due to the lack of uniformstandards, different extraction methods, product components and content will bevery different, which affects its physical properties, causing great troublefor the use of the terminal.

Supercritical CO2 extraction

The modern ginger essential oil extractsthe ginger essential oil by supercritical CO2 extraction method. The CO2 isused as the solvent to extract the ginger essential oil in the ginger under thesupercritical condition. Due to the characteristics of CO2 and the normaltemperature and green extraction process, the ginger essential oil and Comparedwith ginger oil products produced by traditional processing methods, there arethree major advantages:

First, the standardization of gingerolis standardized to ensure the stability of the terminal products. Thesupercritical extraction of ginger essential oil was measured by gas phase andliquid chromatography. The relative content of each component of gingeressential oil was determined by area normalization method, and the content ofcharacteristic component 6-gingerin was determined as the product standard. Theginger essential oil product is standardized, and the obtained ginger essentialoil has pure natural flavor, complete flavor and stable quality, and retainsthe ginger flavor component to the utmost extent, and is a highly concentratedproduct of original flavor. Traditional processing methods are affected byginger varieties, origin, storage and other factors, resulting in inconsistentstrength of gingerol and can not guarantee the stability of the end products,while the ginger essential oil controlled by ginger characteristic taste gingerolcan completely reach the spicy taste of ginger. Consistency of flavor.

Second, pure natural, sterile, longshelf life, convenient storage. The whole production process is carried outunder normal temperature and high pressure. There is no solvent pollution. Inthe production process, almost no living bacteria can survive, avoiding thedisadvantages of using traditional spicy seasonings for sterilization.

Third, high concentration, small size,easy to use. High-concentration products can be diluted and compounded intooil-soluble, water-soluble, oil-water soluble and other products to facilitatethe use of terminals.