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An environmentally friendly extraction equipment—carbon dioxide supercritical extraction equipment

CO2supercritical fluid extraction equipment is a "green" extraction method. This extraction method is the use of supercritical fluid extraction operation to achieve the separation of useful substances in plants to obtain a pure extract, non-toxic, non-residual ingredients. , and can achieve a multi-purpose machine. The equipment mainly includes: extraction kettles, separators, CO2storage tanks, heat exchangers, rectification columns, etc., of which the extraction kettle is the core equipment.

Extraction kettle main performance indicators:

*Working pressure: 42MPa;

Working temperature: normal temperature;

Volume: 1 ~ 2000L;

Material: Q345R+0Cr18Ni9;

Main uses: Extraction of useful substances from Chinese herbs; Extraction of natural plant essences; Extraction of natural plant pigments.

The working principle of CO2supercritical extraction equipment:

The supercritical fluid extraction separation process utilizes the relationship between the dissolving power of a supercritical fluid and its density, ie, the effect of pressure and temperature on the dissolving power of the supercritical fluid. When the gas is in a supercritical state, it becomes a single phase with a property between the liquid and the gas, and has a density close to that of the liquid. Although the viscosity is higher than that of gas but significantly lower than that of liquid, the diffusion coefficient is 10 to 100 times that of liquid. Therefore, the material has good permeability and strong solvency, and can extract certain components of the material.

The advantages of CO2supercritical extraction equipment:

The CO2supercritical extraction equipment operates near room temperature, and the entire extraction process is under CO2gas, which effectively prevents oxidation and degradation of heat-sensitive substances. Different materials require different pressures and temperatures at their critical points. CO2at the temperature higher than the critical temperature, the pressure is higher than the critical pressure of the state, the nature will change, its density is close to the liquid, the viscosity is close to the gas, the diffusion coefficient is 100 times that of the liquid, which has an amazing ability to dissolve. It can be used to dissolve a variety of substances, and then extract the active ingredients, has a wide range of applications. It can completely retain biological activity, and it can extract high boiling point, low volatility and easily pyrolyzed substances at temperatures far below its boiling point. Pressure and temperature can be used to adjust the extraction process parameters. The purpose of extraction can be achieved only by changing the extraction temperature and pressure. Changing separation pressure or temperature can achieve the purpose of separation. Therefore, the process is simple and easy to grasp, and the extraction speed is fast.

CO2supercritical extraction, the extraction process does not contain organic solvents, so the extract has no solvent residue, thus preventing the presence of harmful substances in the extraction process and the environmental pollution, so that CO2supercritical extraction is a "green" Extraction method.