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Application prospect of supercritical fluid extraction in tea processing

     Due to its own characteristics, supercritical fluid extraction caters to the trend of purely natural development in the food industry. It is rapidly entering the laboratory for large-scale production and application. It is believed that it has good application prospects in the following aspects of tea processing .


 Production of decaffeinated tea

     At present, the vast majority of decaffeinated tea is produced and sold in Europe and North America, and its consumption is rapidly increasing with good growth momentum. China has not yet produced decaffeinated tea, but our country has the ability to manufacture large-scale supercritical extraction equipment and is constantly improving it, and is capable of industrial production of better quality decaffeinated tea. This is of great value to the elderly, children and special populations Demand for tea, tea demand expansion, expanding the consumption of tea, tea backlog to solve the problem is of great significance. Extracting caffeine from tea leaves with supercritical fluid is also a good way to make natural caffeine.


 Processing flower tea

     Flower tea is an important tea species in our country. The current processing method is to combine tea leaves and flowers so that tea leaves can absorb the flowers. The disadvantage of this method is that the processing time is long, the utilization rate of aromatic substances in flowers is low, especially the processing Production is seriously restricted by flowering date. The use of supercritical CO2 extraction of aromatic substances in flowers, and its collection, is conducive to storage and transportation; and then use supercritical CO2 to dissolve pre-collected flowers in the fragrant substances, through decompression decompression of CO2, the fragrance can be Fu Add to the tea, flowers aromatic substances can quickly penetrate to various parts of tea, its utilization rate will be greatly improved.


 Production of natural food additives

     Different teas have different aromas, flavors and shades and are generally pleasing. Supercritical fluid extraction technology enables you to obtain a high quality range of flavorful food additives that are all-natural in flavor and color from different teas.


 Polyphenol products on the impurity

     At present, tea polyphenols are obtained by organic solvent method. Generally contain more caffeine (about 3% to 8%), there is a certain amount of organic solvent residues, which will be made of tea polyphenols drugs into harm. Using the significant differences in solubilities of tea polyphenols and caffeine in supercritical fluids, appropriate process parameters are controlled. Supercritical fluid extraction technology can remove caffeine and residual organic solvents, so as to obtain high-purity tea polyphenols. In addition, the technology can be used to purify catechin products, resulting in high value-added pure catechins.