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Technical Manual of BR420-40-100 Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Equipment -2018 Ultimate Edition

1 Overview

BR420-40-100 Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Equipment  is a 1L/50Mpa one-extraction two-divided CO2 circulation type, which is used for material extraction (solid or liquid) under high pressure and suitable temperature. The conditions are changed in the separator to dissolve the dissolved substances to achieve the purpose of separation. The device is mainly composed of: extraction kettle, separation kettle, CO2 high pressure pump, entrainer pump, refrigeration system, CO2 storage tank, heat exchange system, purification system, flow meter, temperature control system, and safety protection device. Auxiliary equipment and systems can meet the requirements of the supercritical extraction system and flow chart requirements.

2, the system composition

BR420-40-100 Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Equipment  is mainly composed of the following parts:

(1) Extraction system: including extraction kettle, heat exchanger, heating bath, temperature control, safety protection, pressure test, etc.

(2) Separation system: including separation kettle, heat exchanger, heating bath, temperature control, safety protection, pressure test, etc.

(3) Pressure system: including liquid CO2 pump, cold water circulation, safety protection, electrical contact protection, pressure test, etc.

(4) Regulator system: including filters, back pressure valves, etc.

(5) Liquid CO2 generation system: including refrigeration unit, liquid CO2 storage tank, gas-liquid separator, pressure test, etc.

(6) Entrainer system: including entrainer pump, entrainer addition tank, entrainer flow meter, etc.

(7) CO2 circulation system: mixer, purifier, liquid CO2 flowmeter, etc.

3, the system has the following major advantages

(1) The integrated system of the entire system is designed to facilitate the operation of the system. The appearance is beautiful, the noise is low, and the operation is convenient.

(2) The liquid CO2 booster pump is a three-piston reciprocating pump with a maximum output pressure of 50 MPa and a maximum flow rate of 50 L/h. The pump head contains a cooling system and is equipped with an infinite frequency converter for frequency conversion.

(3) The heating method adopts the hot water circulation method, and the temperature control system adopts PID self-tuning, thereby improving the accuracy of temperature control and reducing the noise. The temperature control probe is set inside the kettle body and the temperature control is more accurate.

(4) The equipment safety has triple protection, the pump outlet has an electrode voltage meter to control the maximum pressure, and the over pressure stops the entire system; the pump, extraction kettle, and separation kettle are equipped with safety valve automatic pressure relief; temperature control instruments, automatic over temperature stop The system has leakage protection.

4, technical parameters

(1) Maximum working pressure: 50 MPa;

(2) Maximum working temperature: 85°C;

(3) Extraction kettle: 1L, 1 set;

(4) Separation kettle: 0.6L, 2 sets;

(5) automatic temperature control: PID self-adjustment, error ± 0.5 °C;

(6) Working voltage: 380V/50HZ;

(7) Power consumption: 10KW, normal use of 5KW;

5. Composition and description of major components

(1) Extraction kettle

With water jacketed circulation heating system, adjustable temperature, with solid, liquid material barrel

Material 0Cr18Ni9

Volume 1L

Maximum working pressure 50MPa

(2) Separator

With water jacketed circulation heating system, adjustable temperature

Material 0Cr18Ni9

Volume 0.6L set

Maximum working pressure 30MPa

(3) CO2 high pressure pump

Flow rate (three plungers) Maximum displacement 50L/h Variable frequency adjustable

Maximum working pressure 50Mpa, pump head with cooling system

(4) Entrainer pump

Flow rate (double plunger) 1/4-4L/h mechanical adjustment

Maximum working pressure 50MPa

(5) Refrigeration system

Cooling capacity 5100Kcal/h Air cooling

Temperature control range -5 °C ~ +5 °C to meet the process requirements

(6) Heat Exchange System

Material 0Cr18Ni9

Specification Φ6×1 coil

Maximum working pressure 50MPa

Water jacketed circulating heating system, adjustable temperature

(7) Purification system

Material 0Cr18Ni9

Maximum working pressure 50MPa

(8) CO2 storage tanks

Material 0Cr18Ni9

Volume 4L

Maximum working pressure 16MPa

(9) Flowmeter

Specifications Metal tube float flow rate display remote transmission; display instantaneous and cumulative flow, respectively

(10) Temperature Control System

Control range Adjustable from room temperature to 85°C (water bath)

Dynamic temperature control accuracy ±1°C digital display dual screen

(11) Safety protection device

a. High-pressure pump outlet distribution contact pressure gauge, set working pressure, automatic over-pressure pump protection.

b. Extracting kettle, separating kettle, high pressure pump, according to the maximum working pressure, respectively equipped with safety valve, automatic pressure relief pressure.

(12) Pipeline

Valves, fittings: DW6; containers, valves, fittings, and pipes that contact fluids are made of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel. The stem of the valve is specially heat-treated for durability.

(13) Features of the instrument

a. The extractor pressure ring opens quickly.

b. CO2 recycling.

c. Extraction tank pressure regulator using imported back pressure valve, the pressure is stable and easy to adjust.

(14) Others

a. Power supply: Three-phase four-wire system 380V/50HZ 10Kw

b. CO2: food grade ≥99.5%, single bottle net weight≥22Kg

c. Installation size: 2500×2000×1800m/m, additional operating space.

6, flow diagram

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Equipment

7, equipment shape reference map

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Equipment flow diagram

8, the main equipment configuration list


Part Name

Parts Description



Extraction kettle

With water jacketed circulation heating system, material: 0Cr18Ni9,

Adjustable temperature, with solid, liquid barrel, volume: 1L,

Maximum working pressure: 50MPa, maximum settable temperature: 85°C

1 set



With water jacketed circulation heating system, adjustable temperature,

Volume: 0.6L, material: 0Cr18Ni9,

Maximum working pressure: 30MPa, maximum settable temperature: 85°C

2 sets


Liquid CO2 high pressure pump

Form: three plunger, pump head with cooling system, maximum flow: 50L/h,

Variable frequency adjustable (with frequency converter), maximum working pressure: 50Mpa,

1 set


Entrainer pump

Form: double plunger, maximum flow: 4L/h, mechanical adjustment,

Maximum working pressure: 50Mpa,

1 set


Cooling System

Cooling capacity: 5100Kcal/h, air-cooled,

Temperature control range: -5 °C ~ 5 °C, to meet the process requirements,

1 set


CO2 storage tank

With water jacket cooling cooling system, material: 0Cr18Ni9,

Volume: 4L, Pressure: 16MPa

1 set


Heat Exchanger

Material: 0Cr18Ni9, Specification: Φ6×1 coil,

Maximum working pressure: 50MPa, circulating jacket heating system,

3 sets



With inner liner into desiccant, material: 0Cr18Ni9,

Volume: 0.2L, pressure: 50MPa

1 set


Gas-liquid separator

Into the next up and down, material: 0Cr18Ni9, volume: 0.2L, pressure: 50MPa

1 set



ZR-I type, material: 0Cr18Ni9, volume: 0.2L, pressure: 50MPa

1 set


Liquid CO2 flowmeter

Form: Metal rotor flowmeter, measuring range: 6.3-63L/h,

Pressure resistance: 10MPa, digital instantaneous and cumulative flow,

1 set


Entrainer flowmeter

Form: Glass float flowmeter, measuring range: 0-20L/h,

Pressure resistance: normal pressure, glass scale direct reading

1 set


Heated water bath

Control range: adjustable from room temperature to 85°C (water bath)

Dynamic temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 °C, digital display dual screen, computer acquisition

3 sets



Between the extraction and separation, control the extraction pressure,

Pressure control range: 0~50MPa, imitating imported back pressure valve

1 set


Precision pressure gauge


5 sets


Electrode pressure meter


1 set


Safety protection device

Three-fold protection of safety valves, smart meters, and electrode voltage meters

4 sets


Fittings, fittings, common pressure gauges, etc.

DW6, DW10, Pressure: 50MPa, Material: 0Cr18Ni9

1 set


Overall bracket

And control box

Spray treatment, configuration cylinder holder and cylinder heating jacket

1 set


Random Accessories

Seals, pipe valves, connectors, special tools, etc.

Batch 1