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Carbon dioxide supercritical extraction equipment goes deep into the beauty industry

Carbon dioxide supercritical extraction equipment has penetrated into the beauty industry. With the expanding market of anti-aging cosmetics and the advantages of plant extracts, scientists are constantly looking for new natural plant extracts with anti-aging effect. And the extraction of these anti-aging substances is aided by the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment.
At present, many anti-aging substances have been found, and scientists have applied these substances to the preliminary research and development of anti-aging cosmetics. Alpha-hydroxy acids, including glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid and so on, come from lemon, apple, grape and other fruits. Alpha-hydroxy acid penetrates into the cuticle of the skin, weakens the bonding force between cells in the aged cuticle, speeds up cell renewal, promotes the detachment of dead cells, and achieves the purpose of improving skin condition. Beta hydroxy acids are substances extracted from natural plants (such as Liu Shupi, holly leaves and birch bark). As a new generation of fruit acid, its fat-soluble nature makes it easier to combine with oil-rich skin surface than traditional water-soluble fruit acid, and then slow-release the skin. Papaya mercaptase is a kind of active factor with high biological activity. There are a large number of active mercapto groups in its molecular chain. It can effectively eliminate superoxide radicals and hydroxyl radicals in the body, reduce the content of lipid peroxide in the skin, and prevent the aging of muscle cells. Slow the aging process of skin.
With the continuous development of science and technology and the gradual tackling of scientific problems, supercritical fluid technology has been significantly improved and expanded from basic theoretical research to practical application. It has penetrated into many aspects such as supercritical dyeing, supercritical extraction, supercritical chemical reaction and supercritical cleaning technology, and is gradually infiltrating. It will also play a greater role in the progress of other scientific and technological fields, such as new materials and biotechnology.
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and beauty industry
Supercritical fluid extraction (supercritical fluid extraction) is an advanced separation technology in the world. The so-called supercritical fluid refers to the fluid whose thermodynamic state is above the critical point (Pc, Tc). The critical point is the state point where the gas-liquid interface just disappears. Supercritical fluid has very unique physical and chemical properties. Its density is close to liquid, its viscosity is close to gas, and its diffusion coefficient is large, its viscosity is small, and its dielectric constant is small. The characteristics of large scale make it better separating effect. It is a good solvent. Supercritical extraction (SCE) means that the solvent contacts the extracted substance in the extraction cylinder under high pressure and suitable temperature, and the solute diffuses into the solvent, then changes the operating conditions in the separator to precipitate the dissolved substance for separation purposes.