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Eight application fields of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment

Supercritical carbon dioxide extractionequipment is mainly composed of extraction kettle, separation kettle, carbondioxide high-pressure pump, entrainer pump, heat exchange system, filtrationsystem, purification system, pressure and temperature control system, flowmeasurement system, (distillation column), pipeline, support, valves and othercomponents.

Eight major applications of supercriticalcarbon dioxide extraction equipment are as follows:

1. pesticides (malathion and otherextraction);

2. pharmaceutical industry (Chinesemedicine extraction);

3. hydrometallurgy (extraction of heavymetals, rare earth metals, etc.);

4. nuclear industry (extraction ofuranium);

5. Bioengineering (extraction of organicacids from nutrient solution, interferon and fermentation broth);

6. fine chemicals (extraction of essenceand spices);

7. food industry (edible oil, food pigment,additives, etc.);

8. environmental protection industry(sewage treatment and recycling).

Supercritical extraction technology is anew subject appearing in modern chemical separation, and it is an advancedseparation technology rising in the world at present. The so-calledsupercritical fluid refers to the fluid whose thermodynamic state is above thecritical point (Pc, Tc). The critical point is the point where the gas-liquidinterface has just disappeared. The supercritical fluid has very uniquephysical and chemical properties. Its density is close to the liquid, itsviscosity is close to the gas, and its diffusion coefficient is large, itsviscosity is small, and its dielectric constant is constant. Thecharacteristics of large scale make it better separating effect. It is a goodsolvent. Supercritical extraction means that the solvent contacts with theextract in the extraction cylinder under high pressure and suitabletemperature, the solute diffuses into the solvent, and then changes theoperating conditions in the separator, so that the solute can be separated toachieve the purpose of separation.

Supercritical fluid technology is a greenand clean technology with high efficiency, low energy consumption, safety,hygiene and environmental protection characteristics, which has attracted wideattention in the past 30 years. In order to actively promote the scientificresearch and technological innovation of supercritical fluid technology in China,broaden the application fields of supercritical fluid technology, combine thecurrent application status and development trend of supercritical fluidtechnology in various fields, exchange the research achievements and practicalexperience of supercritical fluid technology in China, and establish thecooperation between industry, University and research institutes. Flowplatform.

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