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How to use supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment

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Carbon dioxide supercritical extractionequipment is especially suitable for the extraction of fat-soluble, highboiling point, heat-sensitive substances, but also for the fine separation ofdifferent components, that is, supercritical purification, using supercriticalCO2 as a solvent for the extraction and purification of biological, food,pharmaceutical and many other products.

CO2 supercritical extraction equipment usesCO2 as a solvent. The density and dielectric constant of CO2 fluid insupercritical state are large, and the solubility of CO2 is large, and changessharply with the change of pressure and temperature. Therefore, not only thesolubility of some substances is selective, but also the solvent and extractare very easy to separate.

The main components of the supercriticalextraction equipment are: electronic control system, safety system, pressurecontrol, temperature control, flow display device, pipeline and support.

1, electric control system. Electricaldesign conforms to the national electrical design and installation standards ofChina. Controllers, heating devices, motors, etc. Electrical executionequipment adopts domestic equipment to meet the relevant requirements of thenational standards.

2, safety system. The outlet of CO2 pump isequipped with electrode point pressure gauge. The pressure can be set withinthe rated working pressure range. When the pressure rises to the pressure setby electrode point pressure gauge, the pump stops working. After the pressuredrop, the pump works automatically. When the pressure exceeds the pressure setby the relief valve, the relief valve opens and overflows, so that the pressuredrops and the pressure protection is implemented.

3. Pressure control, temperature controland flow rate show that the pressure of each kettle is regulated by thecorresponding valve. Extraction kettle, separation kettle and precisionpressure gauge with accuracy of 0.4 are used to display. Temperature controlsystem adopts PID regulation, temperature control accuracy is first class,extraction kettle and separation kettle use one control one measurement, doublereading, can effectively solve the common "thermal inertia".

4, pipes and supports: valves and fittingsare DW18 and DW14 interfaces. Containers, valves, fittings and pipelines forcontacting fluids are made of 304 materials. The material of the equipmentbracket is stainless steel.

UsingCO2 as solvent in supercritical CO2 extraction equipment, CO2 is not onlycheap, high purity, easy to produce, but also can be reused in production, thuseffectively reducing the cost. In addition, there is no chemical reaction inthe whole extraction process, and CO2 is a non-flammable gas, odorless,non-toxic, safe. The quality is very good. SFE is a clean extraction method.Because organic solvents are not used in the whole extraction process, there isno residual solvent in the extract, which prevents the existence of harmfulsubstances and environmental pollution during the extraction process, andensures 100% natural.