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Low temperature extraction of camellia seed oil

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The camellia seed oil, known as "Oriental olive oil" and "oil gold", is refined from camellia seed. Its color is light yellow, clear and transparent, and its smell is delicious. It is a good edible oil. Because of its excellent quality and unique flavor, it is widely welcomed. In foreign countries, in recent years, after analysis, found that camellia seed oil fatty acid composition and the developed countries in Europe and America preferred edible oil olive oil is very similar in many aspects, even better than olive oil, oleic acid, linoleic acid content was more than 80%, so the camellia seed oil more and more, think there is an important commercial value of Oriental Oil therefore, strengthening the research on the nutritional composition of camellia seed oil and its health effects, has great significance to develop camellia seed oil products.

No residue of camellia seed oil extracted by supercritical fluid extraction.