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Peony seed oil production line

Supercritical extraction equipment for Peony seed oil production line


     The first set of negative pressure countercurrent supercritical CO2 refined peony seed oil production line produced (supercritical extraction equipment) by our company, was successfully tested and put into use in Changzhou Guosetianxiang peony oil production base. This production line produced more than 2 tons of peony essential oil in more than two months, forming a sales of about 10 million yuan.

     Peony seed oil is rich in linolenic acid, it has a great medical effect on reducing human blood sugar and blood lipids and enhancing immunity, it is called "liquid gold". Our company cooperates with the Northwest A&F University and other related scientific research institutions, we finally developed a successful set of screening, shelling, sorting, drying, oil in one of the Peony seed production line after two years of efforts.

     Company plans in addition to peony seed oil production line sales, at the same time to do deep processing, we will develop the company into a comprehensive base of peony seed oil, which integrates production, processing and sales.