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Study on Supercritical Extraction of Amygdaloside

Amygdalin is a common cyanogenic substance and an effective ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine bitter almond. It has been used as a cough suppressant commonly used in medicine. A large number of studies have shown that in addition to relieving cough and asthma, amygdalin has certain anti-tumor and immune-modulating effects.

Supercritical Extraction of Amygdaloside

Supercritical fluid technology is widely used in food, medicine, spices and natural pigments. As a solvent, supercritical CO2 fluid technology has the advantages of no pollution, no solvent residue, no destruction of the active ingredients in bitter almond, and the advantages of targeted extraction, which makes the bitter almond saponin safer and more reliable. Therefore, it can reduce costs, save time and bring greater economic benefits for enterprises.

Recently, The Laboratories has carried out a small-scale study on the industrialization process of supercritical COextraction of amygdalin and achieved staged achievements. Zall laboratory combines solvent extraction technology with supercritical CO2 fluid technology to develop a process route suitable for industrial production of extracting amygdalin by small test, which effectively improves the quality of amygdalin and reduces The cost.

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