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Supercritical extraction of traditional Chinese medicines and natural medicines

Simple method and mechanism for supercritical extraction of traditional Chinese medicines and natural medicines. Description: Add extraction medium (water, ethanol, or other organic solvents, etc.) to the container, comminute or cut the Chinese herbal medicines into granules as needed, and place them in the extraction medium; The supercritical extraction system is inserted into the container; when the supercritical generator is turned on, the system emits supercritical fluid in the extraction medium, and the 'cavitation effect' and mechanical effect generated in the supercritical extraction medium can effectively break the cell wall of the medicinal material. The active ingredient is in the free state and dissolved in the extraction solvent. On the other hand, the molecular motion of the extracting solvent can be accelerated, so that the active ingredients in the extracting solvent and the medicinal material are quickly brought into contact and mixed with each other.


Supercritical extraction (also referred to as extraction) is unique in that it has the advantages of low extraction temperature, high extraction rate, and short extraction time. It is used by innovative minds to extract Chinese herbal medicines and various active and botanical contents. It is an alternative to traditional cutting. The process method realizes high-tech, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly extraction of modern high-tech means.


Supercritical extraction itself has two implications: the application of ultrasonic technology and the extraction of components contained in substances. That is to say, it is a new extraction technology that uses the special effects such as cavitation generated by supercritical fluids to extract the constituents from the chemical composition extraction process quickly and efficiently.


Extraction rate increased by 50% to 500%

Extraction time (minutes) shortened by 2/3 or more

The extraction temperature is 40-60°C to protect the active ingredients.


Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) is a widely used and popular sample pretreatment technology in supercritical fluid extraction equipment. It uses solid sorbents to target compounds in liquid samples. Adsorption is separated from the matrix and interfering compounds of the sample, and then eluted or desorbed by heating to achieve separation and enrichment of the target compound. It is based on the traditional liquid-liquid extraction based on the similar principle of similarity between substances and the development of the basic knowledge of the widely used liquid chromatography and gas chromatography stationary phase.