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Using supercritical extraction equipment to extract plant ingredients to reduce pollution cost

     Epper oil is often used in daily diet, It is said that "a drop of zanthoxylum oil can stew 5 pot ribs"! This hyper-concentrated "oil" is made using a special method called supercritical CO2 fluid extraction, which extracts the plant elements without contamination or solvent residue.
     Supercritical CO2 Fluid extraction technology is from abroad to China, after rapid development, it has now become internationally recognized safe, environmentally friendly natural extraction process.
     The traditional process is steam distillation, simple process, small investment but energy consumption, low efficiency, the extraction of the material flavor will change. For example, the extraction of ginger material is only its pungent ingredients or only its medicinal ingredients, but not both.
     In recent years, organic solvent leaching began to become popular, this method cost is low,  and the market share is very large, but it still can only extract a part of plant ingredients, and can not guarantee the plant flavor. Need to use a lot of organic solvents, so there will be residual, adverse to human health.
     Supercritical CO2 dioxide fluid extraction is the way to avoid these drawbacks. The solution of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction is carbon dioxide, no pollution, no residue, can dissolve the essence of the plant, spices, fats, vitamins, ethers, ketones and other substances, so the extracted things are the flavor of the plant.
     This method of extraction of vegetable oil concentration is very high, a drop of pepper oil equivalent to nearly 200 pepper flavor, can stew 5 pot ribs. Supercritical CO2 dioxide fluid extraction technology is not only zanthoxylum oil, but also can extract black pepper oil, cumin essential oil, astaxanthin, capsicum red and other products. It is widely used in the production of ham sausage, snack foods, health care products and other fields.
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