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A New Kind of Metal Extraction Processes for Electronic Waste

     Discarded computers, air-conditioning, televisions and other electrical and electronic products collectively referred to as electronic waste, these e-waste once handled improperly or arbitrarily discarded, will pose a threat to people's health. So electronic waste needs to be professionally, environmentally friendly treatment, the separation of harmful substances, at the same time to extract copper, non-ferrous metals and gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium and other rare precious metals and other resources, truly electronic waste reduction, harmless and resources, and truly increase the value of waste and resource recovery.

     The traditional Metal Extraction Processes for Electronic Waste(fire metallurgy, hydrometallurgy and Bio-metallurgy) has the disadvantage of easy to produce poisonous and harmful flue gas, complicated steps, high toxicity of organic reagent, difficult to cultivate and long recovery cycle.

     Compared with the traditional extraction technology of electronic waste metal, supercritical water oxidation-supercritical CO2 extraction combined process, using SC-CO2 as solvent to recover the precious metals in discarded circuit boards, has the advantages of simple recovery steps, small environmental load and no organic waste.

     Supercritical fluid Extraction equipment can also be used to treat spent lithium batteries and scrap polyvinyl chloride. The lithium and cobalt in lithium-cobalt acid of lithium-ion battery cathode materials were leached by the hydrochloric acid source produced by dechlorination of polyvinyl chloride in subcritical water.

     Supercritical fluid extraction has the advantages of simple process, high metal comprehensive recovery, less waste, easy treatment and low cost, which has both environmental benefits and good economic and social benefits.