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Application of supercritical extraction

supercritical extraction technology on food analysis

     Supercritical fluid Extraction (SFE) technology, as a new chemical separation technology, has been widely used in the fields of food, spices, medicine and chemical industry, and has achieved a series of results.
     1. Application of supercritical extraction on pesticide residue analysis
     In the analysis of pesticide residues, extraction and separation and purification are the most critical technologies. Supercritical fluid extraction has the advantages of simple pretreatment, short extraction time, high extraction efficiency, accurate results and good reproducibility, and greatly promotes its application in pesticide residue analysis.
     2. Application of supercritical extraction on food
     The application of supercritical extraction technology has been gradually developed from laboratory research to industrialization, focusing on caffeine removal, extraction of active components of beer, extraction of vegetable oils and separation of pigments.
     3. Application of supercritical extraction on drug Analysis
     Study on chemical constituents of Chinese herbal medicine by supercritical CO2 extraction (SFE-CO2) technology, compared with the traditional solvent method, some traditional methods can be used to simplify the extraction and separation process, but the extraction rate of the active ingredient is much higher than the traditional extraction method, and it has a positive significance for the study of the chemical constituents (components) of traditional Chinese medicine.