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Supercritical co2 extraction machine on extraction of Alpinia oxyphylla


Supercritical CO2 extraction  machine   is suitable for producing pharmaceutical CBD and various essential oil  and hemp oil extraction , herbal and plant oil extraction.   It is widely used to produce the garlic oil, essential oil, rose oil, caffeine, fructus hippophae etc.

Supercritical Co2 Fluid Extraction Machine
Supercritical Co2 Fluid Extraction Machine



Engine PUMP

CO2 main pump 


50MPA,double-plunger/ 400L/h, SUS304

Solvent pump


50MPa,50L/h, SUS304

Recirculation water pump




Main performance parameters


room temperature

max 85°C

No.of Extractor 


50MPa, Working temperature: 85℃

No. of separators


1st separator 30Mpa,  2nd, 3rd 16Mpa,  working temperature :  85℃




3L, 50MPa



5L ,16MPa,




1) Easy to operate and adjust

2) Well selectivity. Can extract out requested component according to control pressure and temperature. 

3) Low operating temperature. Operation often happen under room temperature, which is much better for Heat-sensitive Materials. Because during extraction process, it has avoid “when oxygen oxygenation” and “when light reaction”, product can keep its natural tastes. 

4) Finish within one step, CO2 won’t be left on the products

5) CO2 is one kind gas of non-poisonous, tasteless, inflammable, cheap and can be cycle use. 

6) Quick extraction speed.

Alpinia Oxyphylla is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, also known as Alpinia Oxyphylla. It is a perennial herbal plant of Gingeraceae. It has the function of tonifying kidney and preventing senility. It is mainly used for warming spleen and stopping diarrhea, salivating, warming kidney and consolidating essence and contracting urine.

Alpinia Oxyphylla is the dry and mature fruit of Alpinia Oxyphylla. Doctors and herbal treatises of past dynasties have said that Alpinia Oxyphylla can invigorate the kidney and strengthen yang, consolidate essence and shrink urine, warm the spleen and stop diarrhea, prolong life and improve memory. It is also a good medicine for tonifying the kidney and preventing senility. According to modern pharmacological studies, Alpinia oxyphylla contains a variety of compounds, can enhance the spleen and thymus weight of Yang-deficiency animals, and can improve the nutrition, weight and tolerance of Yang-deficiency animals. It has obvious strong and therapeutic effect on patients with Yang-deficiency and cold-phobia.

According to the physicochemical properties of the active ingredients in Alpinia oxyphylla, the results of the preliminary small-scale technological research and the requirement of the research group on the yield of extracts from Alpinia oxyphylla seeds, a set of technological routes and operating parameters for the pilot-scale were specially formulated in the laboratory. Through the actual production operation, the extract intermediates were successfully obtained and handed over to the research group for follow-up. Research and experiment work.

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