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Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Dry Pepper

Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Dry Pepper


The supercritical fluid extraction equipmentis a process of extracting a separation mixture by using carbon dioxide as asolvent in a supercritical state (temperature: 31.3°C,pressure: 7.15 MPa) using its high permeability and high solubility. Thesupercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology has the characteristics ofgood environment, safe operation, no harmful residue, high product quality andability to maintain the inherent odor.

Supercritical fluid extraction equipment
Supercritical fluid extraction equipment

Capsicum is a plant of the genus Capsicum,which is widely regarded as a kind of seasoning that people like to eat. It notonly has the effect of flavor enhancement, but also has the effect of addingcolor to life. Many famous foods at home and abroad, spicy and spicy. It is itsmain feature. In addition, pepper is also rich in a variety of activeingredients and trace elements and minerals required by the human body.

China is a big country producing peppers,and it is planted in large areas throughout the country. According tostatistics, China's pepper planting area reached 1.42 million hectares, with anannual output of 130 billion kilograms, ranking first in the world. But Chinais not a strong country in pepper processing. At present, the biggest way toconsume pepper in China is to eat, the economic benefits are low, and thedevelopment and utilization of the functional active ingredients contained inthe pepper is not enough. Even if there are individual products, due to the lowquality of the products and the low extraction rate, The market is lesscompetitive.

At present, the deep processing of pepperis mainly to extract capsanthin and capsaicin from dried pepper. Capsanthin isa high-quality natural food coloring, and its safety has been recognizedworldwide. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and theWorld Health Organization (WHO) have listed capsanthin as a class A pigment,which is not limited in use. Can also be widely used in the cosmetics andpharmaceutical industries. Capsule red pigment is widely used as a natural foodcolorant in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Spain,Mexico, and Southeast Asian countries. Capsaicin is a natural plant alkaloid.It is an active ingredient extracted from the mature fruit of the Solanaceaeplant pepper. It is mainly used for analgesia and itching. Its analgesic effectis equivalent to that of morphine, but it is more morphine-like. lasting.

The traditional methods for extractingcapsanthin and capsaicin from pepper can be roughly divided into two methods:oil-soluble method and solvent method. Among them, the oil-soluble method has alow extraction rate, while the solvent method has an organic solvent residueand both methods will It has a bad influence on the quality of dried chili.Therefore, at present, there is an urgent need in the domestic market for ahigh-efficiency, non-residue, non-influenced dry pepper quality extractionmethod. The supercritical fluid extraction method is high-tech, and the producthas high color price. At present, most of the manufacturers of capsicum redpigments in China use the solvent method, and the product quality is poor.

We designed and developed a supercriticalfluid deep processing process for dry pepper based on the material propertiesof dried chili. The dry pepper was used as raw material to extract the pigmentand capsaicin in the pepper by supercritical CO2. Firstly, the pepper waspulverized, and the effects of extraction temperature, extraction pressure andCO2 flow rate on the extraction rate were studied. The process research wascarried out with the comprehensive index of yield and purity as the evaluationstandard.

Main technical parameters of SupercriticalCO2 fluid extraction equipment

The highest working pressure


The operation temperature scope 

room temperature ~85°c

The flow of CO2


The volume of extractor 


The stair separator 


The secondary separator 


Total power 


Cooling capacity 

 5,100 Kcal



The additive flow 


The power volt 


The main configuration andinstrument 


1 Extractor

•a) Volume: 5L

•b) Amount: 1

•c) The max working pressure: 50MPa

•d) The max operate temperature: 85°c

•e) Material: 0Cr18Ni9Ti

•f) Material tank(for both liquid and solid material)

•g) Heat preservation structure, and with stainless shelloutside(also called jacket water structure)


2 Separator


The stair separator

The secondary separator




Working pressure






Operation temperature

Room temperature~95°c



Heat preservation structure, and with stainless shell outside also called jacket water structure) 




3 Pre-heater

 •3 sets (two different pressure,50MPa, 16MPa) heated directly


4 Pump

 (1) Pressure pump 

•a)  Type: 3DT-50/50

•b)  Flow: 0~50L/h ( real flow of CO2)

•c)  The rate working pressure: 50MPa

•d)  Flow adjustment: 20%—100%

•e)  Head of pump with coolingstructure

 (2) Additive pump

•a)  Type: 2J-X5/50

•b)  Flow: 0~5L/h

•c)  The rate working pressure: 50MPa

•d)  Flow adjustment: 20%—100%


5 Dry purifier

•a)  Volume: 0.5L

•b)  The max working pressure: 50MPa


6 Mixer

•a)  Volume: 0.5L

•b)  Working pressure: 50MPa

•c)  Material: 0Cr18Ni9Ti


7 Refrigerating system

•a)  Cooling capacity: 5,100 Kcal

•b)  Water cool unit


8 The controlling of pressure andtemperature, flow showing

 (1)   Pressure control

•a)using micrometer valve to control,ensure pressure stable of extraction

•and separation

•b)   Using Y-160 piezometerto show pressure, precision up than 1.5 class

 (2)   Temperaturecontrol:Using digital meter to show and control precision 1 class

 (3)   Flow showing

•a)  CO2 uses metal rotor flowmeter, range is 0~150Kg/H

•b)  Additive meter uses glassrotor flow meter, rang is 0~20Kg/H


9 Safety system 

(1) The pressure pump has limit pressurestructure, we can set it among the range of working pressure, and stop the pumpwhen pressure is over.

(2) The extractor, separator, evaporator,dry purifier and mixer have safety valve to keep safe of system.

supercritical co2 fluid extraction equipment