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Unveiling supercritical liquid extraction technology

Supercritical liquid extraction can be said to be the most advanced, green and safe technology in the processing of medicinal plants. It can keep the active ingredients of plants in the extract, and the whole process without organic solvents, so as to prevent harm to human body and environment. Expensive essential oils are extracted from plants by molecular distillation.

supercritical fluid extraction equipment
Supercritical fluid extraction equipment

Essential oil production is not very large, for example, rose essential oil, a ton of roses can only produce about 200 grams of rose essential oil. And that's why rose essential oil is expensive. The price of a kilogram is usually between 10 and 120,000 yuan, because it takes 5 tons of roses to extract a kilogram of essential oil.

So, is it true that some essential oils can be purchased for tens of yuan on the Internet? In fact, the essential oils that are too cheap are likely to be blended with essential oils and essential oils, because the essence is only a few hundred yuan to buy a kilogram. "Advise the public not to buy these cheap goods."

Angelica dahurica extract can make people allergic and anti-counterfeiting inferior cosmetics added

It is reported that many plant and drug extracts also have therapeutic effects on diseases. For example, the Angelica dahurica extract developed by the Institute has the effect of treating cold, headache and rheumatic paralysis; Coral ginger extract contains natural antibiotics, which can be added to skin medicines. Some extracts also have whitening and wrinkle-resistant properties and can be added to cosmetics.

But not cosmetic extracts can be used as cosmetics, such as Angelica dahurica extracts have photosensitization effect, after using the sun can make people red and allergic skin. Wu Jianguo said that the extract of Angelica dahurica has not been approved to be added to cosmetics at present, so when people buy cosmetics, once they find that the ingredients contain this substance, they should be careful. Maybe the products in your hands have not passed the national approval.

In addition, the use of food flavors is becoming more and more widely. Food flavors can only be used for food processing, and can not be used as direct seasoning in restaurants. As an additive, flavors can overuse certain elements of human body and affect their health. Many beverages contain food flavors, so they can only be consumed in moderation.

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