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Industrial supercritical extraction device

Industrial supercritical extraction device


     Industrial supercritical extraction device, the equipment is a 1000lx3 supercritical CO2 extraction device. The extraction kettle is 4-level forging of the whole stainless steel, the design pressure is 55MPa and the working pressure is 50MPa.

Supercritical Co2 Fluid Extraction Machine
Supercritical Co2 Fluid Extraction Machine


1. CO2 Special Metering Pump: Good sealing performance, ensure no leakage.

2. Extraction Kettle Quick Open structure: After the release of CO2 gas can open the extraction kettle, sealing material is not swelling, can be reused, saving the time to change materials, improve the utilization of equipment.

3. With auxiliary agent Inlet, adding different auxiliary agent, cooperating with dryer, purifier can make extraction material and CO2 completely separate.

4. In accordance with user needs to increase chromatographic analysis and the temperature, pressure, flow and other data acquisition system.

5. It can be equipped with a third separation kettle which can be heated or cooled, which increases the adaptive diversity of extraction separation.

6. With CO2 recovery function, improve CO2 gas utilization. All heating or cooling parts are equipped with insulation measures to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

supercritical fluid extraction machine