Supercritical Co2 Extraction Equipment

Supercritical Co2 Extraction Equipment


Supercritical CO2 fluid extraction is the extraction process, its operating conditions higher than CO2 Critical temperature(31.06℃) and critical pressure (7.39MPa).

Supercritical CO2 fluid is very sensitive to pressure and temperature changes. Under constant temperature conditions, thepressure increases, its density increases, the solubility of the solute increases goes with it.When the pressure is constant, thetemperature increases, its density decreases, and the solubility of the solute decreases.

The supercritical CO2 fluid extractiondevice is taking advantage of this property, At a critical pressure above CO2, the solute is dissolved in the fluid, then the fluid pressure is reduced, or the temperature of the fluid is raised, so that the dissolved solutes are precipitated due to the decrease of fluid density and the decrease of solubility, so as to achieve the extraction of specific solutes.

Characteristics of supercritical CO2 extraction device:

1. Because of small viscosity and large diffusion coefficient, the extraction speed is faster than liquid extraction, and it isespecially suitable for separation and extraction of solid material.

2. The operation parameters are easy to control, and it is easy to adjust the pressure and temperature.

3. The solvent recovery is simple and can be recycled.

4. In the near room temperature (35~40 DEG C) and CO2 gas shadow extraction, can effectively prevent the oxidation anddissipation of heat sensitive material, processing is suitable for heat sensitive material, and the high boiling point, lowvolatility, susceptible to thermal decomposition of the material at its boiling temperature following extraction.

5. The separation of solute and solvent is easy and thorough, so there is no solvent residue in the product.

Supercritical Co2 Fluid Extraction Equipment
Supercritical Co2 Fluid Extraction Equipment


【Food industry】

1. Oil and grease extraction: seabuckthorn seed oil, soy oil, celery oil, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, rape oil, edible ginger oil, walnut oil, alkali oil, linseed oil, egg butter, red pine nut oil, wheat germ oil, kiwi seed oil, hazelnut oils, almond oil, camellia oil, cottonseed oil, etc.

2. Extract of flavors and fragrances: extraction of pepper seed oil, extraction of amide in Chinese prickly ash, essential oil of anise anise.

3. Extraction of animal and vegetable fats and lipid soluble ingredients: Extraction of lecithin from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb.

4. Plant Alkali Extraction: Extraction of caffeine from tea.

5. Edible Pigment extraction: Lycopene extracted from tomato, red pigment from chili peppers, carotene extracted from carrot, yellow pigment extracted from corn.

6. Deodorization, decolorization, acid removal and removal of organic solvents: removal of soy protein from different smells.

【Cosmetics industry】

1. Natural plant Essential Oils: vanilla orchid essence, clove bud essential oil, Ling vanilla essential oil, grapefruit flower essential oil, orange flower head essential oil, ink red flower essential oils, mint essential oil, sweet-scented osmanthus essence oil, jasmine essential oil, Baisuye volatile oil, camphor tree seed oil, grape skin essential oil, orange peel essential oil, lavender essential oil.

【Pharmaceutical industry】

1. supercritical CO2 extraction of essential oils and essential oils from Chinese herbal medicine: almond oil, benzoin fennel oil, peppermint oil, essential oil of Houttuynia cordata, himalaicum volatile oil, snake-seed oil, essential oil of Sichuan dome, essential oil of bupleurum chinense, volatile oil of wild chrysanthemum.

2. The extraction of alkaloids from Chinese herbal medicine: Sophora flavescens alkaloids, gold in the Middle East, Yadong, light mushrooms, the mid-autumn Narcissus, the aconitum alkaloids, radix isatidis in the Indigo Jade Red.

3. Flavonoids extraction: tanshinone, ginkgo flavonoids, licorice flavonoids, glabra bud extract, flavonoids.

4. Saponin Extraction: Licorice Saponins, Snow Ganoderma in the total saponins, artemisinin, purple pigment, Polygonum multiflorum, Bai.

supercritical co2 fluid extraction equipment