Supercritical CO2 Drying Equipment

Supercritical CO2 Drying Equipment


     supercritical drying equipment is often also called the preparation device of supercritical nanometer material. Supercritical drying technology is a new chemical technology developed in recent years. The supercritical drying technology is dry under the condition of critical and critical pressure of drying medium, it can avoid the shrinkage and fragmentation of the material in the drying process, thus maintaining the original structure and state of the material, preventing the agglomeration and coagulation of the primary nanoparticles, which is of great significance for the preparation of various nanomaterials.

Characteristics of supercritical drying equipment:

1. Automatic adjustment system, easy to operate, high precision.

2. Operation valve control system, humanized design, simple and convenient operation.

3. The reaction kettle body connecting the pipe design has the electric contact pressure instrument, this instrument has the overpressure protection function, with the import safety valve, has the double protection function to the high temperature high pressure test reaction device, has the over-temperature, the overpressure automatic alarming function.

Supercritical Co2 Drying Equipment
Supercritical Co2 Drying Equipment

According to the design requirements of the reactor, the reactor design has the inlet and outlet as well as the sewage outlet, vent and other corresponding supporting connection, convenient for the safe use of the kettle body.

4. Heating system, the use of oil trough heating method, program intelligent temperature control, to ensure stable temperature changes, in line with the reaction process requirements.


The supercritical drying equipment consists of a drying reaction device, a reactor body, a heat preservation heating system, a pressure control system, a temperature measurement and control system, an electrical controlling system, a safety explosion-proof system, an automatic pressure regulating system, a rack case panel, an ethanol recovery system, and a high-pressure pipe valve part.

The solvent of supercritical drying equipment can be ethanol, CO2, etc. Supercritical drying equipment is widely used in chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical and other industries to carry out reaction experiments on materials.

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