Supercritical Extraction Plant

Supercritical Extraction Plant


The supercritical extraction plant is used for material extraction (solid or liquid) under high pressure and suitable temperature.

It changes the condition in the separator so that the dissolved substance can be resolved to achieve the purpose of separation.

The supercritical extraction plant can be divided into two types, one is the analysis type, which is mainly applied to the analysis of small quantities, or to provide data for production, the other is the production type, mainly used in mass production, such as biological, pharmaceutical, food and other fields.

The supercritical extraction plant is mainly composed of extractor, separator, CO2 high pressure pump, entrainment pump, refrigeration system, CO2 storage tank, heat exchange system, purification system, flowmeter, temperature control system, safety protection device and so on.

The subsidiary equipment and system can meet the requirements of the main supercritical extraction system and the flow chart.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction Equipment
Supercritical Fluid Extraction Equipment

Technical parameters of Supercritical Extraction Equipment:

【The extraction kettle】 Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Volume 5L, 1L each 1 sets, the highest working pressure 50MPa.

【Separation Kettle】 Material 1cr18ni9ti volume, 2L, 1L each set, the highest working pressure 30Mpa.

【Distillation column】 Material 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Specification φ45x5x2700mm, four section gradient temperature control maximum working pressure 30MPa.

【CO2 high-pressure pump】 maximum displacement 50l/h, variable frequency adjustable, maximum working pressure 50MPa.

【Entrainment agent pump】 Flow 1/4-5l/h, mechanical adjustment, the highest working pressure of 50MPA.

【Refrigeration system】 Refrigeration capacity 5100kcal/h, air-cooled or water-cooled, temperature control range -5℃~+5℃.

【Heat transfer system】 Material 1cr18ni9ti, Specifications Φ6 Coil, the highest working pressure 50MPa, water distribution jacket circulation heating system, adjustable temperature.

supercritical co2 fluid extraction equipment