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CO2 Extraction Machine For Peony seed oil

CO2 Extraction Machine For Peony seed oil

     Peony seed oil, also known as Peony oil, is the tree nut vegetable oil which extracts from the peony seed, its nutrition is rich and unique, the nutrition is rich and unique, it has the health care function, is the vegetable oil in the treasures.

     The peony seed oil was produced by supercritical CO2 extraction technology, which preserves the nutritive content and health value of the peony seed more completely. Peony seed oil is a pure natural, no residue, non-polluting green, healthy edible oil. Supercritical CO2 Extraction Technology is to change the CO2 into compressible high density fluids by regulating pressure and temperature. At the same time, the liquid has higher solubility and higher gas fluidity, as a solvent to extract oil from the peony seed. 

The use of supercritical technology for the extraction of peony seed oil has the following advantages:
1. Help to improve the extraction efficiency, large energy saving.
2. At room temperature (30~40℃), and isolate oxygen to prevent the alpha-linolenic acid oxidation deterioration.
3. Using CO2 as solvent, there is no residual solvent in α-linolenic acid, which prevents the existence of harmful substances and environmental pollution in the extraction process, thus ensuring pure natural property.