CO2 Extraction Machine For Capsanthin

CO2 Extraction Machine For Capsanthin


     Capsanthin is a kind of deep red oil soluble oil-like liquid natural pigment which is refined by advanced extraction process. The main ingredient of capsicum red pigment is capsaicin, capsicum, rich in B-carotene and vitamin C, all belong to carotenoids, have regulate physiological metabolic function.

Extraction method

1. Oil dissolving method
2. Solvent method
3. Supercritical CO2 Extraction
4. Ultrasonic Solvent Extraction Method
5. Solvent Microwave Assisted Extraction method
6, enzymatic extraction
6. Gas-Liquid Countercurrent method

Extraction of capsicum red pigment by supercritical C02 extraction equipment
    Dry chili--crush chili and go seed--crush--put into the extraction tank--heat to the desired temperature--open the inlet valve--start the high-pressure pump--adjust-close the inlet valve--Open the inlet valve--cooling--turn off the machine pressure--C02 extraction--decompression and separation for capsanthin.

Generation processing:
     Processing pepper essential oil, black pepper essential oil, cumin oil, astaxanthin, lycopene, capsanthin, carotene, corn yellow pigment and other products, welcomed the consultation.


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