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CO2 Extraction Machine For Pepper Essential Oil

CO2 Extraction Machine For Pepper Essential Oil

     The essential oil of zanthoxylum is a thick paste-like fluid which is extracted from the shell of natural plant pepper. High purity, high concentration of pepper essential oil concentrate, with a strong aroma, hemp taste pure, easy to use, and so on, can be used as food additives and condiments, but also pharmaceutical, chemical indispensable high value raw materials.

Product parameters:
【Production method】supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
【character】 pale yellow green or yellow oily liquid, can have crystalline precipitates, with pepper peculiar aroma and hemp flavor.
【Product characteristics】 hemp taste heavier, strong chili, MA degree index data, stirring heating 55 ℃ above crystallization soluble.
【Specification】1:4 namely this product each gram aroma and the flavor is equal to the pure original powder 4 grams.
【Use】 for the need to highlight the spicy flavor of various types of salty food, such as instant noodles, ham, meat skewers, meatballs, seafood products, as well as quick-frozen, puffed, seasoning food.

Generation processing:
     Processing pepper essential oil, black pepper essential oil, cumin oil, astaxanthin, lycopene, chili red pigment, carotene, corn yellow pigment and other products, welcomed the consultation.

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