Supercritical Water Oxidation Equipment

Supercritical Water Oxidation Equipment


     Supercritical water reaction (supercritical water oxidation, SCWO) is a new kind of supercritical fluid rapid reaction green technology, which refers to the formation of non-toxic substances such as C02, made and N2 in supercritical water dissolved oxygen and organic waste reactions.

Supercritical water reaction device has the characteristics of no environmental pollution, green, low cost of investment and production, high product quality, stable performance and high cost ratio. Supercritical water also has good mass transfer, heat conduction, density can change between gas and liquid, and these properties can vary with the pressure and temperature changes, the dielectric constant can be similar to ethanol, acetone or hexane, can be changed from polarity to Non-polar.

Supercritical Water Fluid Extraction Machine
Supercritical Water Fluid Extraction Machine


1. Can be applied to the preparation of advanced functional nano-materials such as lithium-ion battery materials-nano-ferric phosphate, nano-hydroxyl phosphate, nano-zirconia, nano-germanium oxide, nano-ZnO, nano-alumina, nano-iron oxide, nano-titanium dioxide and other advanced nano-materials preparation.

2. The use of supercritical water oxidation has a short reaction time, the characteristics of high oxidation efficiency, can be widely used in chemical plants, coking plants, pharmaceutical plants, polyester industry, dye plant, oil fields and other sources of high concentrations, refractory wastewater effective treatment. The supercritical water oxidation technology and equipment skillfully solves the problem of the inorganic salt plugging reactor, and the pollutant treatment is thorough.

Technical Indicators of Supercritical water reaction device :

1. Maximum working pressure 50MPa

2. working temperature 600 ℃

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